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Corruption & Coups , (1898 - 1959)
Batista Inspects Arms And Ammunition
The sad end of the Cuban Republic-in-Arms
Platt Amendment: USA Takes Control of Cuba
Cuba Libre: The proclamation of the Cuban Republic
Gerardo Machado dictatorship & the Communist Party of Cuba
Spanish poet Garcia Lorca arrives in Havana.
The Cuban Revolution of 1933
Cuba revolutions, strikes & disturbances
The foundation of Cuban workers unions & the raising of Batista.
Hemingway in Havana
Mafia Conference in Havana
Havana 1950s: Mafia, Nightclubs, Casinos and Corruption
The Mafia Mastermind in Havana
Mafia rules Cuba casinos
The second moment in Cuban sculture
The national art of renewal and anti-academic paintings
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