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The Fight for Independence , (1850 - 1898)
Cuban patriots charging against Spanish troops
Origins of the Cuban Flag
Narciso Lopez expeditions to Cuba
Demolishing the Havana Walls
Ten Years War
The Spain Wars in Cuba from 1868 to 1898
The Virginius affair
Jose Marti student time in Zaragoza
Mambi army Assaults and Conquest Las Tunas Fortress
The United States presence in Cuba and the Wars of Independence
The Little War or Guerra Chiquita
The Outbreak of the War of Independence
Letter from Jose Marti against the United States annexation of Cuba
Jose Marti trip to Florida
Key West Cubans support for the war of independence
Winston Churchill, military observer in Cuba
The Cuban War of Independence
President McKinley sends an Undercover Agent to Cuba
The Spanish-Cuban-American War
Consequences of the Defeat on Spain
Portraits and aristocratic paintings
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