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Spanish Settlement , (1492 - 1762)
Conquistadores city foundation in America
Columbus` first voyage ships
Christopher Columbus discovers Cuba
Strange Plants from the New World: Maize, Tomato, Potato, Cocoa,...
The Second Voyage of Columbus
Cuba, the mysterious island.
The Third Voyage of Columbus
A Letter from The King Ferdinand, Requesting Cuban submission
The Fourth Voyage of Columbus
Spanish Colonization Policy
Columbus`s Death and Burials
Cuba Conquest Preparations and its Motivations
The Conquest of Cuba
Foundation of the First Cuban Cities
Indians Destiny after the Conquest: A Religious Debate
Colonial Economy: New Products and Beasts
Significance of the Conquest of Cuba
De Soto Expedition to Conquest Florida
Havana: Staging area for the return voyage to Spain
The Spanish Treasure Fleet
Colonial Art: Panel Painters and Saint Sculptors
The Spanish colonies in the America protection
Pirates attack Spanish ships and towns.
Dominoes introduction in Cuba
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