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Cuban Cigars
Troya (Troy) cigars box design
Like wine, the type of cigar you choose, depends on your mood
Brand created in 1882 by the Spaniard, Francisco Menendez
Powerful flavoured cigar named after the latin-american liberator
Founded in 1810 by the Spaniard Francisco Cabañas
Only the finest tobacco leaves are used to create Cohiba cigars
Launched in late 1996, this is the first new cigar for 30 years
Cigar connoisseurs know well Diplomaticos` flavour rich taste
This brand is often hard to find due to its small production
The best cigars available regardless of the price
Since 1906, only in limited distribution
Hoyo de Monterrey is one of Cuba’s oldest cigar brands
This is a popular brand for domestic consumption in Cuba
One of the few Cuban cigars that is still only made by hand
The `glory of Cuba` brand only produces hand made cigars
It`s likely the oldest continuously produced Havana cigar
Montecristo has become the most recognizable Cuban cigar in the world
Partagas cigars have been rolled in downtown Havana since 1845.
Launched in 1840, Punch Cigars were developed for the British market
Named after the famous bridge in Paris
Founded in 1924 by Agustin Quintero, in Cienfuegos
One of the most respected connoisseurs Havana cigar brands
Today`s El Rey del Mundo ranks among the finest cigars ever made
Churchill cigars were created in honor of the British Prime Minister
This brands cigars are named after the four fortresses of Havana
Is it based on a reference to the 1927 novel by Thornton Wilder?
Sancho Panza cigars have been produced in Cuba since 1852
From myterious origins, a Hungarian lord or a Spanish businessman?
Since 1980, they have been produced exclusively for Fidel Castro
The brand Troya (Troy) is a tribute to the famous greek city
Started by Herman Upmann in 1844, to promote his bank
Robaina, the property name where the best Cuban tobacco is grown
Originally offered as a gift to visitors of the Pinar del Rio region
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