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1762 Letter by Major Alexander Monypenny about the Havana Siege, part 3
The Morro Fortress
Havana 1762
22d. Another Sally, the Enemy lost above 200 men, many drownded. On our side Brigadier Carleton shot thro the Arm, but is recovering so well, that tis thought he will not have a stiff joint. 28 men kill`d & 70 wounded. Our people exposed themselves in the pursuit too much, to the shipping.

30th July. the mines sprung, had a good effect, but the breach very difficult. The troops mounted two at a time. The Enemys waiting the Assault & then behaving so ill seems a contradiction.
The first part was probably owing to the Governor Don Lewis de Valesco. After his people were drove from the first cover; tis said he form`d them at a second, where he was shot thro the Body,& dy`d in two days. They made no further resistance. Many were drowned 130 kill`d, 320 prisoners. Our loss 12 killed 28 wounded.
From the Town & the Pointo they soon made a ruin of the side of the Morro next to them.

1st August. Batteries erecting against the Pointo, which commands the opposite side of the Harbour`s mouth & against the Governors Battery & in the Town.

Brigadier Burton arriv’d with part of the Troops from America. A seasonable reinforcement. I shall not attempt an account of their Disaster at Sea. By this time Col. Howe’s command were almost all sick.

11th Aug. Our Batteries of 42 pieces of cannon open’d at day break. By eight, the Pointo was silenc’d & at Noon the Governor was sent to Lord Albemarle to capitulate.

14th. The Terms finished, & our Grenadiers took Possession. Six thousand Tons of shipping ordered to carry the prisoners to Spain, their numbers sea men & soldiers computed 5000.
I suppose Col. Hale will send your Excellency the Articles of capitulation. Tis said in the Army, They first propos`d that they should keep the nine ships of the line, & the public money; but that the first article is, that they shall be deliver`d up bona Fide. Tis said there is a million & a half sterling in Dollars.
I beg Your Excellency will excuse the length of this letter, & believe me, with the ulmost Respect

Your Excellency`s most
obedient & faithful humble
AL: Monypenny

I have been sick since the End of the last month, have now got well by Dr. Huck`s care, who begs his best Respects to Yr Excellency.
By a letter from Mr Calcraft, I am Lieutenant Colonel from 29th Aprile. My best thanks & acknowledgments of favour & obligations are due to Your Excellency on this & many other Accounts.
I beg my compts to Sir Harry Seton & Mr Porter & to Gates & Rycant if return`d.
Captain Gordon the Engeneer got ugly wound, with a Grape shott in the legg, at the storming the Morro. I have not heard some time how he does, A great part of the calf of the legg is shot off.


To Lt. Col Israel Putnam`s orderly book at Havannah 1762

Headquarters thursday 14th Oct. 1762
by Walter Kendall Watkins from Massachusetts soldiers in the West Indies, The Capture of Havana
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