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The Siege of Havana: Batteries Against Havana
British Artillery
by Royal Irish Artillery Website
Havana July 31st
July 31st

The Spaniards now aimed all their fire at the Morro, to prevent our making use of it as battery against the Punta or Town. In this they succeeded, having very soon thrown down the bastions that faced the harbour. In this fort was found 93 pieces of cannon almost all brass, and and most of them damaged.
The fort was a heap of ruins, and scarce any moving from the number of cannon and carriages

August 1st

We were now preparing our batteries on the Cabanna`s hills, where about 40 pieces of heavy cannon were to be placed with 12 mortars, 6 hoetzers, and other smalls, as the most effectual method to put an end at end at once to the struggles of the city; but for this we were in great want of plank for platforms; more guns from the ships; ammunition and stores of every kind, and also for some of these batteries, all which was as chearfully and as speedily supplied us from the navy, although those gentlemen were in full as bad situation as ourselves, and their people quite reduced with our heavy work; yet this did not dismay them, or flacked their assistance to us.

And here I must acknowledge, that never did appear so much harmony between two corps; the Admiral making it a point to facilitate every undertaking, and supply every want, and was most successfully seconded by that brave and very active officer Commodore Keppel, for whose and vigilance the besieging army must own themselves much indebt.
We were today entertained by the blazing of all the villages and out-houses on the other side that could shelter the enemy`s parties: this was executed by Brigadier Burton and Brigadier Howe, who again took possession of Jesus del Monte, in fight of a numerous party of the enemy`s horse and foot-militia. A large merchant ship was blown up by light`ning in the harbour.
by a British officer, from An Authentic Journal of the Siege of Havana
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