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The Siege of Havana: The Last Spanish Strike Back
Spanish last counter attack
by Pulaski Legion Website
Left 400 dead
by Fort Mifflin Website
Havana July 22d-July 27th
July 22d

But this day the enemy had got over about 1200 men from the town, and attacked our advanced posts at day break; but as they were discovered by the centinels and the alarm given, the brigade on duty, under brigadier Carlton, received them so warmly, that the enemy (who were without officers) soon gave away, and as soon were drove on every side into the water, and to their boats that had remainded.
These poor wretches composed of militia, mulatos, negros, and some seamen, left above 400 dead upon the spot, many wounded, and about 70 prisoners.
A great cannonading succeeded their defeat, by which we lost some few me that had pursued too closely, and too openly.
However the killed and wounded on our side were too few to mention on such an occasion, except Brigadier Carlton, who was wounded by a small shot in the arm, which broke the bone, and deprived us of the use of that skilful officer at a time when he was most wanted. This party of the enemy behaved with great treachery, asking quarter, feeming to surrender themselves, and then stabbing our officers and men as they advanced to receive them
A flag of truce was sent in, and this was complained of: they took the opportunity to desire to bury their dead, which was granted.

July 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27th

The miners went on uninterruptedly, and added another chamber of two; but our people were now so reduced by sickness, that we had but a melancholy prospect; and the great want of water, which, as it was supplied by the menof war, (who were themselves equally reduced) made it very tedious to supply the great quantity requisite for such numbers: this, together with the great heats, helped very much to deject the people.

The returns were now near 5000 men unfit for duty, and and officers more in comparison; and the fleet, I am told, had above 3000. Neither of us any fresh provisions to nourish recovering men; So that their weakness exceeded their first disorder. We were told that the Admiral had found out a very secure harbour in Mariel against the approaching hurricane season, and only six leagues to the leeward of us.

by a British officer, from An Authentic Journal of the Siege of Havana
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