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The Siege of Havana: The Build Up
Havana, Cuba June 5th and 6th, 1762
June 5th and 6th

On the 5th we found we were clear of the Straights, and the 6th were off the Puerto de Terrara, about 36 miles to the windward of the Havana. A frigate was sent with Colonels Carlton and Howe to reconnoitre the coast for landing.
The Admiral having settled the disposition, left that department, as well as the covering of the siege of Morro-Castle, to Commodore Kepple with his division from whose abilities and allertness he had every thing to expect. The Admiral went himself with the rest of the fleet off to the harbour, to block up the enemy`s ships; and in order to more effectively draw the attention of the enemy that way, took with him all the victualling-ships, store-ships, and transports, whose troops had overnight been put in those men of war appointed for covering the landing.
by a British officer, from the `Journal of the Siege of the Havana`
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