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The Siege of Havana: Chasing Spanish Ships
British Frigate Chasing a Spanish Frigate
En Route to Havana, Cuba June 2d, 1762
June 2d

The Alarm frigate chased, and in fight of the fleet took a Spanish frigate of 24 guns, called Thetis, and a smaller vessel of 18 guns: both engaged him for near half an hour. A brig and a schooner were also taken that were of their company, and had sailed from the Havana ten days before for timber for the king, from a small port on the coast - By these we learned the State of Security the Havana was in, the Spaniards not even knowing of the declaration of war, and we also learned that 14 sail of men-of-war of the line lay there, some of which were ready for the sea.
by an officer, from an Authentic Journal of the Siege of Havana
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