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The Siege of Havana: Admiral Pocock Fleet
British Ship
by 9th Regiment Website
The Morro Castle was the Key for the Havana Conquest
En Route to Havana May 27th, 1762
May 27th, 1762

The fleet under the command of Sir George Pocock Knight of the Bath, Admiral of the Blue, &c. consisting of nineteen ships of the line, about 18 frigates, sloops, bomb-vessels, with near 150 transports, having on board about 10.000 troops under the command of the Earl of Albermarle Lieutenant General, &c. These left Cape Nicolas on the North-West of Hispaniola this day -The plan being settled, and all orders distributed for the sailing of this great fleet in seven divisions, through the old Straights of the Bahama; an undertaking far superior to any thing we know of in our times, or read of in the past, as few ships care to go through this passage at any time, much less such a fleet, destitute of pilots that professed any knowledge of it, and almost of any information of the passage that could be relied on. Yet the Admiral feeling the importance of the time, this passage would save, and animated by a zeal for the service of his king and country, persued his plan with that chearfulness, coolness, and intrepidity which is peculiar to himself, and with which he has ever successfully executed every commission committed to this trust; frigates, smaller vessels, and even the great ship`s boats were sent a-head, and so distributed on both shores, with such proper and well adapted signals for day and night, that not only reconciled every one to the dangers and risk of so hazardous an undertaking, but almost ensured our success. We were often in fight of the keys or shoals on each side.
by a British officer, from the `An Authentic Journal of the Siege of the Havana`
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