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Hotel El Yarey
The Villa El Yarey Hotel, located in the rural area of Granma, currently functions as a rehabilitation village for foreign patients with addiction problems. Of primitive style, with buildings of type bohío (Cuban peasant house), the complex reproduces like few in the zone the true customs and traditions of the peasantry.
Surrounded by a cozy atmosphere and skimming some key sites in the history of the Cuban Revolution, El Yarey is an ideal place to rest and also for those who wish to be in direct contact with nature. Also, the hotel offers excursions of all kinds, whether hiking, hiking or bird watching, the three most popular.

The Turquino National Park is an extra attraction, where the well-defined trails of the Sierra Maestra facilitate the encounter with the highest elevations in the country, as well as the Desembarco del Granma Park and the seabed near the coast, ideal for diving.
The gastronomic offerings of the El Yarey hotel are based mostly on Cuban traditional recipes, with some added international cuisine. In addition to the restaurant, this complex offers guests a quiet swimming pool, as well as a bar, game room, nightly entertainment, national and international telephone service, currency exchange, central safe and a convenience store.
The hotel, in turn, has 14 cabins, all with air conditioning, bathroom, hot and cold water, balcony or terrace and satellite and video television.
Quiet and inspiring, but basic and rustic. A good option for those looking for a place to rehabilitate addictions.
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