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Jose Marti student time in Zaragoza
Jose Marti (right) with best friend Fermin Valdes
Jose Marti Perez/Cuba National Hero/1853-1895/Who lived in this house between 1870 and 1874 and die for his fatherland independence in 19th May 1895/Zaragoza 18th May 2002
by Memorial Plate at the house where Jose Marti stayed as student at the University of Zaragoza, Spain
Zaragoza 1874
Marti arrived to Zaragoza in 1873.He studied Law and Philosophy in the University of Zaragoza, graduating on he 30th of June, for his Law Degree and secondly on the 24th of October 1874, for Philosphy. Marti lived in Zaragoza for 18 months, in a modest host house with Fermin Valdes Dominguez, best friend and partner in his revolutionary ideas and way of thinking.

“Leaving University, walking through the Market square, you arrive at Manfestacion street (the strike street, known in that time under the name of Platerias street). And no far from there, the roman ruins… they live like family”
“These were the best days of their student time, were spent while they stayed in Don Felix pension. Don Felix was a friendly and uninterested landlord, and was the father of two beautiful girls”

Jose Marti was 20 when he decided to move to Zaragoza, escaping from Madrid weather.

He will feel very familiar with “winding streets, incredibly narrow of the old city, the churches, palaces, ruins, promenades to walk and the quietness of the river bank.”
La Seo Cathedral amazed him “filling him with a light religious emotion” and filled his mind with wonderful architectural decoration motives.

In Zaragoza he finished his theatre play “Adultera”. And in this city too, he falls in love for first time with Blanca de Montalvo, who also lived on Manifestacion Street.
She was the daughter of a wealthy trader named Don Ramon.
Marti went regularly to the “Diario de Avisos” Newspaper office (a place where literature and intellectuality of the city meet), where he knew Sabala and Dronda, Arino, Peiro, Daina, Ordaz and Arpal.

Jose Marti and Fermin Valdes went frequently to Teatro Principal (Principal Theatre). They had free admittance thanks to their friendship with actor Leopoldo Buron, who frequently let them sit in the 13th theatre box, which was an extremely privileged position.
In Zaragoza, Jose Marti finished too his bachelor in the Second Education Institute “Miguel Servet”.
by Hilda Luisa Diaz-Perera
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