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Spanish General Valmaseda found Bayamo burned to the ground
San Salvador de Bayamo, is the second Village founded in Cuba in 1513 by the advanced Diego Velázquez. In this locality of Granma province, on October 20th, 1868, the National Anthem was sung for the first time. It was the first capital of the Republic in Arms, ten days after La Demajagua. On January 12, 1869, its inhabitants preferred to burn it so as to the Spanish army could only take its ashes.
The Natal Home of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, Homeland Father, located at the center of the city, is a museum where some belongings and documents of the renown patriot are exhibited. El Cubano Libre is also exhibited, the first independent newspaper published by Céspedes.

In its architectural environment, XIX buildings prevails like the Parochial Church of San Salvador de Bayamo, constructed originally in 1613 and Dolores Chapel (1740), one of the most beautiful baroque altar pieces of the country.
Carriages go through Bayamo streets, narrow and paved in some segments, pulled by horses, a tradition that makes it earn the epithet of “The City of the Carriages”.
Bayamo boasts the condition of National Monument city.
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