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Hotel St. John's
Hotel Saint John`s main entrance
Hotel St John's
Property of Bares Compañía Operadora S.A, the 3 level construction was built at the beginning of the 50´s of the last century, located in O street between 23 y 25 streets in El Vedado. The St Johnny´s 88 Club bar was located on the ground level.
On February 6th, 1956 another 10 levels were permitted to build, becoming a construction work of high technical complexion. Common levels had 10 rooms each, the lower level was reformed to give access to the hotel, restoring its granite floors and the washrooms. The entire building roofs structure is covered with plaster tiles hiding various construction frames running from one area to another. The total cost of this construction was 1, 5 million pesos and the project was carried out by architect Adolfo Pérez Llana.

This pleasant hotel, found in the heart of the Vedado district, is particularly popular among Latin American tourists visiting the island. Amenities include a restaurant, swimming pool, and rooms with private bathrooms and cable television. Its proximity to the area known as La Rampa makes it an excellent choice for those who are looking for a lively part of town, for here the streets are bursting with all sorts of cultural offerings, and in the evening the whole area gets quite festive. Close to theatres and other nightlife options.

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