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Playas del Este
Santa Maria Beach
Although built on the sea, the city of Havana doesn`t have beaches with sands. Only to 20 minutes of the capital, approximately to 25 kilometers to the east, the people from the Havana city can enjoy a fringe that embraces several kilometers of sand and transparent waters, divided at the same time in several beaches: Bacuranao, Mégano, Tarará, Boca Ciega, Guanabo and Santa María del Mar.

Each of them is different in size and quality. In Santa Maria del Mar we may find the best hotels, shops, tourist complexes and restaurants of the area, meanwhile Guanabo is a small sea town, preferred by the visitors. Tarará, is a small beach extension, which serve as headquarter of a marine, while we just find little cafeterias in the rest of the beaches.

In the months of July and August Playas del Este are flooded by the Cubans that enjoy their vacations. The rest of the year, mainly in the months from October to April, they are practically deserted because the water temperature is too cold for the Cuban swimmers.
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