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Plaza de la Catedral
San Cristobal Cathedral
Life band in Plaza de la Catedral
The best place for visit in Old Havana From the beginning of the flea market in Old Havana stalls on Tacón, turn right to intersect with Empedrado. In a matter of feet Empedrado street opens onto the pleasant courtyard of Plaza de la Catedral.
Around the Plaza Completed in 1787, the Catedral de Habana forms the eastern wall of the Plaza de la Catedral. The cathedral is open infrequently but you can always appreciate its baroque exterior. Before the revolution the cathedral garnered attention for housing Christopher Columbus` bones.
After the revolution in 1959, these prestigious remains moved to Santo Domingo, but it was later discovered that they were not Coumbus` remains after all. Opportunities to participate in the daily rhythms of Havana abound at Plaza de la Catedral.

Salsa players performing for the crowd at Le Patio, an upscale restaurant and bar, wink and smile to encourage you to get up and dance. Perhaps you`ll encounter the cathedral`s bell ringer, who`ll extend an invitation to join him in the tower the following morning. There is a small gallery beside Le Patio that exhibits and sells professional Cuban artists` paintings, ironworks, ceramics and woodworks. Anytime is a good time to visit this area.

Covered stone archways to the right of the cathedral contain renovations-in-progress and a small tourist office where you can purchase a phone card, make calls and faxes, or buy additional maps. Opposite the cathedral is the square`s oldest structure, built in 1720. Originally a private home, it now houses the Museo de Arte Colonial , Museum of Colonial Art.
Even if period fixtures don`t interest you, the view across the square from the museum`s balconies is worth the price of admission. Taller Experimental de Gráfica, Experimental Workshop of Graphic Arts is located at the end of Callejón del Chorro, a short alley jutting from the southwest corner of the Plaza.
Here you`ll find prints of a higher quality, and price, than those offered by street vendors.
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