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1762 Letter by Major Alexander Monypenny about the Havana Siege, part 2
Havana 1762
1st. July. Our Batteries open on the Morro, at the same time. The Cambridge, Dragon & Marborough laid their broad sides opposite to it. The Stirling Castle had Ordrs to sail by. & draw off the Fire, whilst the other ships were placing themselves. Tis said, she did not obey her orders. Capt. Campbell (formerly The Nightingale) is now trying by a Court Martial for misbehaviour. The Fort was too high, they did it little damage, whilst the enemy plung`d every shot into the ships; Captain Goosetree, & a great many men of the Cambridge were kill`d: the others suffer`d, but not so much. They were ordered off. The Cambridge could set one sail.

5th July. Our grand Battery burnt. This put us several days back, & the Enemy`s fire encreas`d again.

15th. The covering body fell down incredibly in the Fever & Ague. The open Country is very swampy & unhealthy at this season.
General Elliot was oblig`d to abandon Guanavacua & to retire about two miles, towards the Edge of the wood, where the Army lay.
Scarce a man of the above body escap`d the sickness. The Army kept healthier in the rocky wood, notwithstanding their distance from water. & the badness of it. Whilst we had very good water at Guanavacua.
The sickness grew very great also in the wood. The defences of the Morro being ruin`d. A Sapp was carry`d to the ditch.& two mines made under the Face of a Bastion.

by Walter Kendall Watkins from Massachusetts soldiers in the West Indies, The Capture of Havana
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